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King of Kings Mastiffs

Breeders of Championship Quality English Mastiffs

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Welcome to the home of King of Kings Mastiffs
Feel free to browse our galleries of adult dogs and puppies.
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"In the old testament,human Kings were anointed to rule the people as the Lord's representative, the Lord's anointed. The royal line was the line of David. The promise that David's throne would endure forever was fulfilled in Jesus Christ, the son of David. Now Exalted at Gods right hand, he rules forever as king of kings.
To all human beings God has given the kingly task of ruling over his created world. We must do so responsibly,being sure not to abuse, pollute or destory the earth."



We are located in beautiful Lake Whitney in the Hill Country of Central Texas and are offering puppies lovingly bred and cared for from championship bloodlines.
All of our dogs are more than family pets they are members of the family.